Emente - Emente

Uncompromisingly elegant paints

Emente’s decorative paints are made to extremely high quality standards, and they very eco-friendly because they are entirely solvent-free. On top of that, they offer exceptional depth of colour, exclusive pigments such as ultramarine blue, and a sophisticated balance between white, black, and earth tints.

Take a tour of Emente’s decorative paints:

  • Matsola®: paint with a highly refined matt finish
  • Satola®: decorative paint with a subtle silky gloss
  • Japanlac®: high-gloss lacquer that flows smoothly from the brush
  • Calcimine®: thick natural whitewash
  • Tempera®: dull matt distemper paint
  • Metallic®: eco-friendly metallic paint
  • Velvet Varnish®: matt protective varnish with a suede feel

Make sure you also take a look at the colours for these decorative paints.

We at Emente are not a fan of large multinational manufacturers, because we believe that making decorative paints requires a spirit of discovery. A constant hunger for vibrant colours, extraordinary play of light, and meaningful textures.

Emente has travelled the world looking for age-old techniques and forgotten pigments in archives and libraries to be able to supply you with decorative paints with the most amazing tints, shades, and tones to adorn your walls.

Alongside its own paint creations, Emente sells decorative paints made by kindred spirits, manufacturers who share our philosophy and make wonderful products.

What you will not find at Emente? Trendy colours. The decorative paint you buy from us today will not have lost any of its splendour a decade from now. It is … timeless.