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Our colour chart

Passionate colour experts

Our colour palette is unrivalled. We combine the best of our family craft with the most modern technologies. Manually mixed? Tried and tested processes? Scandalously forgetting pigments rediscovered? That’s our promise.

Something Emente doesn’t subscribe to: copying colours and working with trendy colours. That clashes with our vision. You’ll notice that: Emente is fanatically engaged with colours. But we’re also concerned about the environment. You’ll find our paints are water-based. They hardly contain any traces of metals. Their excellent coverage means you’ll consume less paint.

The details

For Emente, paint is more than just a colourant. It means:

admiring pigments and experiencing colours, feeling textures and being deeply affected. Because paint and colours embellish your living environment. They show off who you are and allow you to express your wildest fantasies…Our colour palette must meet your very highest expectations. Comfort and penetrating beauty? That’s where our focus lies. Also on this colour chart. Take one for free and let it take you on a trip to the unexpected. These are our unique, hand-crafted paints.

Share your interior decorating dreams with us

We will gladly help you with colour and interior decorating advice. Free of charge at our showroom, for a fee if you want us to come to you.
De Gerlachekaai 15, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
You can park on the street at Emente or use the Steendonk carpark around the corner. The parking restrictions of the historic center do not apply to de Gerlachekaai.

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